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Meet Jonathan

From a young age I have always taken a leadership roll. I was raised in churches and learned the responsibility of hard work. As a child I was a member of civil air patrol for about 6 years and participated in junior R.O.T.C. for all four years of high school.

After graduating Waiakea High School I joined the army as a military police soldier on active duty. I have served all over the world and throughout the U.S. as a federal police officer.

There were many times I had to stand for what was right even when it meant I stood alone. While in my travels I learned many different things. I learned things such as, different ways governments set up their police at local and state levels, how other states deploy their healthcare options, what happens when you remove corrupt unions from different aspects of government and private organizations (they are far more productive, save money, and more profitable while creating more jobs).

While living on the mainland I heard of some of the hardships our local residents were facing. Some of the stories of government overspending, corruption and high cost of living broke my heart. No matter where I lived, Hawai'i was always my home.

When COVID-19 covered our planet I looked back home to see my home of Hawai'i was being affected economically worse then most anywhere else in America. I had to do something. I came home. I could not believe what I saw. So many businesses went under and there was so much uncertainty, we were in a real economic stand still. I did notice two things that stayed the same, they made my wife and I cry. First, I noticed the corrupt polititians had found a way to get more money from us. Second, I noticed the people of Hawai'i pulled together to help each other as much as they could. We asked ourselves how that could be possible. The answer is God and our Spirit of Aloha. I was reminded of how big we love here and of how resilient we as a people of Hawai'i are.

In the beginning of 2021 something tragic happened. A homeless man in Pahoa smashed open our bedroom window at 3am. The man continued to threaten my family and I, saying he was going to murder us. After so much back and forth the man left. Twenty minutes or so later the police arrived to take the report. I had to insist with the officer that I was pressing charges before he would take me seriously. Finally the officer took the report and the next day the offender was arrested and charged. I requested the judge get help for the man. He is currently in a Hawai'i state hospital getting much needed help.

I watched a speech from Richard Pimentel on responsibility. I realized I had the ability to make a change so I had to act in response to that ability. Do you have an ability to make a difference? The answer is yes, you do. You can stand up for what you believe in. You can volunteer for many different non-profit organizations. You can help others in need. You can give your good ideas to someone who can see them through.

In the end, what is your response to the abilities God has given you? As for me and my family we will serve the Lord. I am also wanting to make a real change within our state legislation. I have been reading 1 Timothy 5:21-25, I encourage you to read it too. We can shed light on the troubles that have been tormenting our islands for far to long.

I would love your vote and your support to see this through. Thank you for your time. And VOTE.

Kennealy for Office
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