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As your representative, I will put the people of Hawaii first in all I do. The topics discussed on this page are serious problems in our state. I would like an opportunity to resolve these issues and more. As we move on I would love your ideas and feedback. For now I need your prayers, support and your vote.


State Tax

We need to overhaul the state tax code. Simplify our sales tax while removing income tax as well as tax on groceries and medication.

Political Corruption

There are many areas of political corruption in our state and county government. Different organizations have taken advantage of us and stolen millions of taxpayers dollars. I will fight to get our money back and limit the government influence and overreach.


I will rebuild a new over watch and accountability program to make sure we are not getting robbed again. I will make sure politicians and organizations are brought to justice if they try to steal from the people of Hawaii.

Emergency Service Equipment Update and Training

I will properly restructure and update police and state emergency services. This will take place in areas such as police, fire, EMS, Sherriff's office, state police, and civil defense.

Airport Restoration

Our airports are our first and last impression visitors have of our islands. Our airports are outdated, poorly designed, and overrun with termites showing an overwhelming amount of decay.

Honolulu's train to nowhere

Everyone in Hawaii has paid for Honolulu's train to nowhere through our taxes. We need to locate and get back the money we paid out for this multi-billion dollar train that only stretches one mile then fix this costly mistake.

Fight Against Crime

I will push for a bigger fight against human trafficking and organized crime.

Fight Against Drug Abuse

I will push for a greater fight against illegal drugs and getting help for those affected and needing help.

Education Reform

I will propose a bill to update our education platform, removing material such as Critical Race Therory, propaganda, sexual content including sexual education from basic K-12 curriculum needed to graduate.

Formal Education

I will introduce technical colleges throughout Hawaii with a focus on Certifications used and needed. I will also propose to make it cheaper for kamaainas to go to collage in Hawaii.

Self-Sufficiency and Agricultural Concerns

I will bring in and support private meat processing plants, chicken and egg farms, vegetable farms, dairy farms and processing plants. I will also seek to protect and preserve all agriculture including our coffee farms and the Hawaii coffee brands. I will also push to expand our renewable energy plants, causing us to rely less on outside assistance. While keeping private industry up and government influence to a minimum.

2nd Amendment Rights

The state of Hawaii government has violated every resident's constitutional right to keep and bear arms. I will introduce and push for a bill that rights this wrong emphasizing on your right to protect your life, the life of your family and your property. This bill is known and invoked, by at least 23 states, as Castle Doctrine.

Affordable Housing

I will work with private entities and local government to provide our kamaaina with affordable housing in districts that have inflated housing prices.

Redefine State and County Executive and Legislative Emergency Mandate Abilities

Propose a bill to redefine and limit the Executive and Legislations ability to make mass mandates to the general public, how long mandates made by the them are to last, and restate that it is the duty of the Executive and our Legislative branch to protect the people of Hawaii from mandates and executive orders that infringe on their constitutional, medical, physical, or mental rights.

Election Fraud

I would like to present a bill to make the voting process transparent and eliminate any and all attempts of voter fraud. If such actions are not made possible I would like to move to a hands on or human approach to the voting system therefore eliminating computer aided voter fraud.

Segregation in Government and Public entities

I will propose a bill to stop segregation in all government building and public entities including but not limited to race, gender, identity, medical status, age, religion, or disability. Within the bill I with propose an immediate shut down and/or lawsuit of any agency or public entity in violation of any citizen's God given rights. 

Enviromental Concerns

Through Legislation I would like to tackle these main environmental concerns: Hawaii reef life, thoughtless littering, endangered animal conservation, clean-up of abandoned buildings and debris on Mauna Kea, provide public awareness to the impact of lithium mining on our environment, provide debate to renewable energy to our public transportation (such as Hydrogen), better provide park and beach clean-up and repair, debate on water pollution in our bays, and Pohiki Bay reconstruction assistance.

Project Kaho'olawe

Introduce a bill to provide advanced clean-up efforts in partnership with the U.S. Government, mandating the federal government to remove all hazard from the island in a hasty and timely manner. To provide livable accommodations, opening the island to native Hawaiian families as protected land, creating the living conditions and restrictions of outsiders, similar to guidelines provided by the island of Niihau.

Medical privacy

Propose a bill in line with your fourth amendment right to privacy, including your right to medical privacy. Making it illegal for any entity outside of a medical provider to ask any questions in regard to your medical or vaccination status.

Homeless Population

I want to propose a plan to work on our ever increasing homeless population.

Kennealy for Office
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