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Let's Show Them How

Aloha and Mahalo for considering me as Hawai'i State Representative for District 6.

We as the people of Hawai'i have fallen upon hard times, with the COVID-19 pandemic taking some of our family members, the state and federal government regulations suffocating many of our freedoms, our economy crashing, cost of goods skyrocketing, and many family members being forced to leave our home of Hawai'i; but we are not victims. We will not allow others to force this victim mentality upon us. We are koa (warriors). We will rise up and be stronger together, helping each other as we have always done. We will be lanakila (victorious). We have forgotten how to put God first, family second, and Government third. When we put God first in this order this is true pono (righteousness).

Let's show them how we cut taxes, build a stronger education for our children, remove political corruption, seek justice from those who have stolen tax payer dollars, properly rebuild our infrastructure, become economically independent, move crime rate to an all time low, create energy independence, and rebuild Hawai'i to a state we can be proud of.

Let's Show Them How.

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